FRMS v1.4.0 - new 'Sounds Of Guitar' expansion pack

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FRMS 'Sounds Of Guitar' expansion pack

Hi everyone,

Get ready to be a granular guitar hero, with the release of FRMS v1.4.0 and the brand new ‘Sounds Of Guitar’ expansion pack - available to buy now!

Featuring 30 fret-fuelled presets with original samples, ‘Sounds Of Guitar’ takes the string timbres of acoustic guitar into a whole new granular dimension, with a world of incredible, atmospheric soundscapes and evocative sounds to explore.

Featuring high-quality samples of both nylon and steel string guitars, we’ve crafted a diverse selection of unique and interesting sounds, ready to inject instant ambience into any track. From hypnotic, resonating drones, to loud, brash, distorted leads; ‘Sounds Of Guitar’ is packed full of personality, with an emotive and expressive range of instruments to inspire you.

Hear the entire sound bank and be inspired this Friday 17th September, as we’ll be hosting another live stream listening party on our YouTube channel at 17:00 GMT+1.

Join Lucas “Patch Master” Palmeira, live from Imaginando HQ, as he takes us through his latest set of original FRMS presets, demonstrating the sounds and offering up tasty nuggets of knowledge, as he shares interesting aspects of his creative process. There will be the usual mix of community chat, banter and giveaways with the team, streamed live from our office, as we wind down the working week, and warm up for the weekend.

Join us LIVE this Friday at 17:00 GMT+1 to tune in, hang out, chat with our awesome community, and above all else, have fun!

FRMS v1.4.0 is available to download now, with the new ‘Sounds Of Guitar’ pack available to buy in-app and via the Imaginando dashboard for just 5.49 EUR.

Through the fire and FRMS,
Team Imaginando

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