FRMS is 20% faster, 100% tighter, and for the next 7 days only: 40% cheaper

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FRMS running on iPhone

Hi everyone,

We’ve got a fantastic new FRMS release for you today. This release really packs a punch performance wise, with huge engine optimisation and memory management tweaks under the hood.

There’s good news for all you pocket producers too, as this release brings FRMS to the iPhone!

If you don’t yet own FRMS, now is a great time to buy it - to celebrate the new update, we’re offering 40% off FRMS for the next seven days!

Get the new FRMS v1.4.1 for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android now.

Even more of a beast with this performance increase,
Team Imaginando

40% off FRMS from 18/10/2021 to 25/10/2021 inclusive. No code required, discount already applied. Time zone variation may apply, check before purchase - the price you see is the price you pay.

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