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DLYM Delay Modulator

Hi everyone,

You like free stuff, right? Well, If you like Imaginando and you like free stuff too, you’ll love DLYM - our completely FREE delay modulator plugin!

You might have seen it in our YouTube sound design tutorials, but in case you haven’t, DLYM produces flanger and chorus style effects, using our signature analog emulation technology, so you know just like everything we make, the sound quality is great.

Based on the chorus effect of DRCDLYM - Delay Modulator lets you add awesome analog style effects processing to any synth/track for free, and comes in a range of different plugin formats for your DAW of choice: AAXAUAUv3 and VST.

We’ve recently updated DLYM, which you can download for free on WindowsMacOS, and iOS, now!

Don’t delay, get your free copy today,
Team Imaginando

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