Overview - LK Help

LK features a modular system for both content and pricing. All modules can be trialled with time-limitations, with the option to unlock any module via in-app purchase, for continued usage. This means that you only need to pay for the modules containing the functions and features that you want to use, providing a flexible way to get great value. You can try any module as many times as you wish, by restarting the app to start a new test session.

Each module is accessible via its own icon/button down the left hand side of the screen, making it easy to switch between them in an instant.

LK Matrix Module default empty state overview

Available modules:

  • MATRIX - Ableton Session view controller and powerful MIDI clip sequencer and editor
  • MIDI PADS - MPC style pads with arpeggiator and chorder
  • MIDI CONTROLLER - faders, knobs and buttons
  • XY PAD - KAOSS style X/Y MIDI controller
  • CHORDER - One-touch chord generator
  • KEYBOARD - MIDI piano keyboard

Above and below the module icons, are two buttons which both provide access to LK’s in-app menu, which contains the following sections:

  • PROFILE - Login to your Imaginando account
  • CONNECTION - display available UBRIDGE connections and select active connection
  • STORE - purchase and activate LK modules
  • MIDI - show available MIDI connectivity
  • CONTROLLERS - Show list of officially supported USB MIDI controller devices, and enable/disable each one
  • SETTINGS - global settings
  • ABOUT - show version number and info
  • HELP - opens LK's help page in your browser

LK Main menu


The following global settings are available:

  • Include chain (slower loading) - when enabled, all chain devices inside each Ableton Live Rack will be loaded and available for edit, otherwise, only the main device will be loaded and available.
  • Gate launch mode support - when enabled, Matrix clips are triggered using Ableton's 'Gate' launch mode. (Press and hold to play the clip, then release to stop)
  • Matrix cell Width - change the width of Matrix module clips
  • Matrix cell Height - change the height of Matrix module clips
  • Knobs sensitivity - adjust the sensitivity of LK's virtual controls
  • Notifications - enables/disables push notifications (special sale events and discounts plus any important app related news/messages)
  • Work in background - app stays active even when not visible

LK Settings submenu of main menu

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