FRMS Help - Settings

Audio Device

Select the audio device (only available on desktop standalone version)

Sample Rate

Select the sample rate (only available on desktop standalone version)

Buffer Size

Select the buffer size (only available on desktop standalone version)

Apple Pencil Support (iOS only)

When enabled it allows the use of Apple Pencil to interact with the controls.


Enable or disable push notifications (promotions and other type of general notifications from Imaginando)

Background Audio (iOS or Android only)

Use this option to determine if the synthesizer engine keeps running when the app is on background. When on, you are able to play the synthesizer with an external midi controller when using other apps. This option is disabled by default.

Note: the synthesizer engine is CPU intensive. It will drain you device battery even when you have the screen locked and the display is off. Don't forget it!

High Quality

Enables or disables the high quality audio rendering. Higher audio quality means more CPU usage.

MPE Mode

Enables or disabled the MIDI Polyphonic Expression mode support. The internal keyboard will also behave accordingly.

MPE Pitch Bend Range

Defines the pitch bend sensitivy when sliding a key.

MIDI In Channel

Sets the MIDI channel(s) that are accept as input.

You can filter the MIDI channels inputs individually by ticking the boxes numbered from 1 to 16. When a channel is off, the routed destination inputs will be ignored. Use the clear and select all options to activate/deactivate all the channels.

MIDI Out Channel

Sets the MIDI channel(s) that will be used for MIDI output. By default this value is set to 1.


Voices defines the total polyphony of FRMS, this means the amount of notes that can be played simultaneously. A higher polyphony means a higher the CPU load. On mobile devices the maximum number of voices is limited to 4. If you experience audio dropouts while playing FRMS, try to decrease the number of voices for optimal performance.