FRMS Help - Matrix Panel

The modulation matrix allows you to define how much a modulation source(s) affects a modulation target(s).

The values can be between -1 and 1. This means that you can modulate negatively or positively a certain target.

In order to change a value, choose on the correspondent intersection and then use the slider at the right side.

FRMS Matrix Panel
  • PAGE - Toggles between page 1 and page 2.

  • RESET - Resets all the modulations of the current layer to their default value.

  • VALUE SLIDER - Allows you to set the modulation ammount of the select cell.


  • PAGE 1

    • LFO1
    • LFO2
    • LFO3
    • LFO4
    • EG1
    • EG2

  • PAGE 2

    • SEQ (Sequencer)
    • (MOD) Mod Wheel
    • KBD (Keyboard)
    • VEL (Velocity)
    • AFT (After Touch)

    Note: Sequencer modulation is not used yet.


  • PAN
  • RESO (Filter Resonance)
  • FM
  • SIZE
  • STR SPD (Stereo Spread)
  • AMP SPD (Amplitude Spread)
  • RND OFF (Random Offset)
  • RND SIZE (Random Size)
  • RND DENS (Random Density)
  • RND TUNE (Random Tune)
  • PW (Pulse Width)

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