VS Updated with video export, Syphon and Spout support!

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VS 1.1.0

Hi everyone,

It’s a big day for VS - Visual Synthesizer, as today we have released VS 1.1.0 on all platforms, a major update which includes lots of exciting and hotly requested new features!

First and foremost, VS now has a built-in video recorder to export your visuals to disk as MP4 video files! There has been huge demand from the community for this important feature, and after weeks of hard work, we’re delighted to now release it to you all.

Two more massive new features that will be of particular interest to all you VJs and streamers out there, is the addition of Syphon (for Mac) and Spout (for Windows) video routing/output options! This really simplifies the process of using VS with other applications like OBS studio for example.

Recording your visuals is now really easy; just hit the record button to start recording, then press it again to stop - your video is automatically saved to your documents folder. Currently the recorded files are video only, but we’re looking to include audio in the future. To help manage the file size of your recordings, you can set ‘Recording Quality’ to low, medium or high, via VS’ settings menu.

Another change to the settings menu is how VS manages output/display quality, with the new ‘Output Resolution’ option providing explicit pixel dimensions to choose from, for greater clarity and control of VS’ render quality.

In addition to other small bug fixes and optimizations, we’ve also added a safety message which is displayed when you open VS. Please take the time to read this important message, it can be easily disabled afterwards to prevent it appearing every time.

Finally, in case you missed the previous updates, here’s some of the other key changes we’ve made to VS:

  • Added support for HDMI on iOS (standalone only)
  • Added support for gif and webp files as background layer
  • Added MIDI activity indicator
  • Added reset material option to layer reset
  • Added undo/redo to paste layer operations and layer/background reset

VS 1.1.0 is available to download for Windows, Mac and iPad, now!

From Portugal with passion,
Team Imaginando

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