VS 1.3.0 - Introducing custom material editor

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VS Material Editor

Hi everyone,

It gives us great pleasure to announce the release of VS v1.3.0 for Windows, MacOS and iOS, which includes support for custom shaders, with the all-new, built in material editor!

This exciting new update is one for all you GLSL-heads out there, who can’t wait to start tinkering with code and making awesome materials all of your own. With great power comes great responsibility, but we’re confident that our talented community of users will delight in the challenge of creating fantastic looking shaders and materials as much as we do.

If you’re familiar with the GLSL shader language, specifically fragment shaders, you can jump right in by clicking the new 'options' button at the top right of each material in the material browser. You can then select 'clone' to create a copy and launch the live code editor.

You can see your changes in real-time thanks to the preview window, and then save your creations as new materials. You can define and set the parameters that VS maps to the material/layer control knobs, to open them up to modulation control. For more information, check out the basic material example tutorial in the updated VS help documentation/product manual.

Coding shaders is an artform in itself with a steep but rewarding learning curve, if you’re looking for some example resources you can check out Shadertoy, GLSL Sandbox and ISF Editor.

VS v1.3.0 is available to download now

Happy material making,
Team Imaginando

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