VS 1.2.0 - Introducing custom audio/midi playback

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VS v1.2.0

Hi everyone,

Christmas has come early, as we present to you VS - Visual Synthesizer v1.2.0 for Windows, Mac and iOS!

This exciting update brings a hotly requested feature to VS - the ability to load and play audio files directly inside VS. You can also load MIDI files directly into VS too!

We’ve updated the settings menu to give you greater control of render quality and performance, with ‘high resolution’ and ‘performance’ modes, plus you can now disable live animated layer thumbnails, to squeeze even more performance out of VS.

To accommodate the new file loader, we’ve tidied up the UI, grouping the record button, FPS counter and additional display buttons into a nice and neat, centred toolbar.

As always, we welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions - be sure to let us know your thoughts!

VS v1.2.0 is available to download now.

Happy holidays,
Team Imaginando

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