Through a Glassy Meditation | FRMS Granular Synthesis Tutorial

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Glassy Meditation

In today’s modern world life can be stressful, rushing around at a constantly manic pace, inevitably takes it toll both physically and mentally. Our attention now monetized, days spent bombarded by news headlines and overloaded by information from all angles can leave our minds entangled by troubled thoughts. At the end of the day, sometimes we need mindfulness and meditation to unravel the knots of negativity and break the unsettling sleep-depriving thought loops of an overactive brain. With the right kind of soundtrack, music can greatly enhance the mediation experience and help achieve a calm, relaxed state of mind.

With this in mind, Lucas embarked upon a mission to find something to sample, to create a FRMS patch with a meditative tone/timbre. Never too far from a fine wine, Lucas 'the patch cooker' Palmeira, struck gold, or rather glass, inside the kitchen cupboards, selecting a wine glass as the perfect granular audio ammunition and inspiration.

Using various touches and taps, it was possible to record some delicate sounds from the big glass cup. After the recordings, Lucas embarked on a speedy sonic trip, diving into sonic meditations, only achieved with the help of the faithful sailor FRMS - Granular Synthesizer. 

So, stick to the plan: take the thinnest glass, record it, open your FRMS and dive deep into the depths of the meditative granular power.

Teaching tutorials with a touch of glass,
Team Imaginando

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