Super Bock: The beer you can hear? | FRMS Granular Synthesis Tutorial

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Super Bock The Beer You Can Hear FRMS Tutorial

Beer; we love it. From the depths of a dark, full-bodied Irish stout, to the cloudy amber haze of an IPA, to the sparkling light of a Belgian white beer, there is a broad range of unique styles and flavors to sample, born from a breadth of different brewing techniques. If you forgive this less than stellar segue, the same can be said about sound design.

In our ‘FRMS From Scratch’ granular synthesis tutorials we show you how to create a tasty patch, by documenting the whole process, from selecting and recording the ingredients to sonically crafting them into a flavorful sound.

We’re no strangers to mixing it up when it comes to using experimental elements in our sound design brewery. We’ve sampled allsorts of sources, from fountains to factories to fans, across the series.

Back to the beer… If you’ve tuned in to any of our live streams, like the recent ‘Sounds Of Foley 1’ listening party, you may have spotted a trend in our choice of liquid refreshment; Super Bock! Portugal’s most popular pilsner, it’s the best-selling Portuguese beer brand in the world. It even has its very own radio station and music festival - Super Bock Super Rock!

We decided to turn our love of Super Bock into a FRMS - Granular Synthesizer patch, which meant we had to drink a few cold ones, purely in the name of sound design of course! The perfect excuse for our connoisseur of both fine beer and sound design, Lucas, to work his magic and serve up a refreshing glass of granular synthesis.

Click here to watch the tutorial video

We’ll drink to that,
Team Imaginando

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