Sound design tutorial with FRMS, paper and a music box

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Using soundbox and paper sounds to create an amazing melody with granular synthesizer - FRMS from Imaginando.

Welcome to another FRMS ‘from scratch’ tutorial video, the sound design series that thinks outside of the box, while considering how it might sound from inside the box too. Each video we encourage you to search out the unconventional when looking for sonic inspiration, by sampling whatever takes our fancy.

This week we take things a step further by introducing a new concept; the question is not only ‘what object to sample?’ it’s also ‘how should I sample it?’ In this week’s video, we illustrate this idea using a really simple piece of equipment that everybody has lying around - a sheet of paper!

Interacting with the paper in different ways produces vastly different results. While the sound of scissors cutting through paper is familiar and easily recognisable, the thunderous wobble you can achieve by slowly wafting a sheet of paper back and forth through the air, is not so. Then what if you combined the two sounds?

Question: What do lightsabers and FRMS have in common?
Answer: The secret behind their awesome sound is layers! (and in case you’re wondering, the former consists of old movie projector motors and electrical interference from a CRT TV!)

For instant horror movie chills, we’re stacking the paper (no pun intended) with the tiny instrument inspiration behind our very own Digital Music Box project.

Stay tuned for something more musical next time - Lucas promised!

Paper-view, not pay-per-view,
Team Imaginando

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