Sound Design Tutorial with FRMS - From Raw to Roar!

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Back in July when a lot of the world was very much still in quarantine/lockdown, Lucas gave a demonstration ‘FRMS from scratch’ tutorial using just one instrument/sampling source: The human voice. This proved quite a popular tutorial and encouraged several community members to sample and granulate their own voices, in the quest for unusual and epic sound design!

A fun inclusion in last week’s DRC Sound Design tutorial, was Lucas’ decision to ‘leave in’ footage of him performing his personal vocal warm up. (The secret behind the trademark silky-smooth voice that we all know and love!) So what if we asked Lucas to sample this outtake of sorts, and make us something that sounded ‘monster’?

Not scared of a challenge, this week Lucas samples that vocal warm up and sets to work on crafting something suitably sonically interesting, in what we are calling ‘From raw to roar!’ as a truly monstrous/primal roar sound is created from the original ‘raw’ sample.

It’s not 100% granular-powered of course, FRMS hybrid synth engine helps us out with some FM synthesis in there to tonally fill out the sound and help with tuning also.

We hope you enjoy these slightly off-the-wall ‘FRMS from scratch’ tutorials where we hopefully show you that you can create something awesome from the most unusual of starting points. If you decide to give it a go yourself, we’d love to hear the results, so hit us up with a soundcloud link or two!

We’re only just warming up,
Team Imaginando

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