Sound design tutorial with FRMS and Voice

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How to create amazing sounds with voice using FRMS (from Imaginando) granular synthesizer and FM (frequency modulation).

The human voice - possibly our oldest instrument, shaped through centuries of evolution, and now shaped using FRMS synthesizer in our latest ‘from scratch’ sound design explorative tutorial.

In this week’s video, Lucas takes a trio of samples of his own voice then with the help of FRMS multi-layered synthesis, turns them into a sound so rich it could easily be used as a sci-fi style organ for some powerful pieces. Incidentally, during the processing of this week’s sound, in parts we were reminded of the opening theme from the Halo video game series, with its monk chant style vocal.

With each sample being a different octave, combining the three gives us a really full sound, which is then further enhanced harmonically by introducing the FM processing from the sawtooth oscillator on the fourth layer. To stop the overall sound becoming too messy and cluttered with overlapping frequencies competing for space in the mix, some subtle high pass filtering helps us keep the low/medium frequencies in check.

The result is a patch/sound that wouldn’t sound out of place on the Tron legacy soundtrack - which if you're thirsty for more of, be sure to check out Lucas’ DRC Sound Design Tutorial on ‘Son Of Flynn’ too!

Happy sound designing,
Team Imaginando

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