Paranoid London 'Paris Dub 1' - how to make the bass in DRC

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If the track for last week’s DRC tutorial video was deemed to be of an “underground” nature, then this week we’re looking at a record which is even closer to the earth’s core!

‘Paris Dub 1’ by Paranoid London, is a track so confident in its own groove, that it manages to pull-off its minimal, laid-back production style, with an effortless swagga.

Most recording artists have a history or story of some sort, especially in this modern era of social media where everyone leverages every tiny bit of publicity, or if they are lucky, their record company do it for them! Paranoid London however, do not.

The duo are most definitely ‘all about the music' - the London club Fabric once described the pair’s ethos as “No Downloads, No CDs, No Promotion”.

Even their vinyl releases are unique - often limited edition ‘heavy vinyl’ presses, where each record weighs a solid 180g in contrast to the standard 140g discs that most record companies put out.

Huge fans of vintage synths, both in the studio and live on stage, Paranoid London are a perfect pick for a DRC sound design tutorial.

Even if you like your music a little ‘busier’, experimenting with a bit of ‘less is more’ style minimalism can sometimes work wonders - just like the DRC user interface!

Paranoid Android, iOS, Windows or Mac - DRC has got your back,
Team Imaginando

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