Oxia Domino - How to make the bass and lead with DRC

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It’s fair to say that most electronic music producers would love to leave their mark on the dancefloors of history, by releasing a track so popular that it becomes accepted as a genuine classic. A tried and tested tune guaranteed to earn the approval of any audience, a real crowd pleaser. The perils of popularity present a degree of danger however, your gigs can turn into groundhog day, as the tune you made 10 years ago still gets requested 10 times a night, every night.

Someone who knows this #FirstWorldProblem very well is French house/techno producer and accidental anthem maker Olivier Raymond, more commonly known as Oxia. His hugely successful hit ‘Domino’ was originally released way back in 2006, and is still ridiculously popular 13 years later!

Olivier has expressed his frustration about the pressure to play it, even by some event promoters, which seems a particularly unfair position to be put in, but ultimately he still enjoys the response it gets, saying that he’s ‘happy to see the crowd still so enthusiastic when they hear it’.

In 2017 Domino received a rework from Oxia himself, along with remix duties from the likes of Frankey & Sandrino and Matador - a win-win situation for everybody; we’re happy to hear it and Oxia is happy to play it.

Why not take on the bass and lead sounds for yourself with today’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial and maybe you will create a future club classic too! (Don’t worry there’s no need to thank us, just smash that like button, hit subscribe and ring the bell - oh and tell all your friends how awesome DRC is)

Click here to download the Ableton project file.

Fun fact: Oxia is an ancient Greek diacritic used to denote vocal pitch.

We love playing dominoes,
Team Imaginando

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