Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene IV - How to make with DRC

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Jean-Michel Jarre - where do we begin?! Often referred to as the ‘Godfather of electronic music’, it’s hard to think of any other single person who has contributed so much to the field of electronic music. A composer and performer committed to pushing the limits of technology and art through a passion for innovation, Jarre is quite simply the personification of the Imaginando ethos.

Responsible for some of the largest live performances ever (with multiple Guinness world records to prove it) Jarre is a visionary that appears to be perpetually pondering ‘what can I do next?’ and ‘how far can I take this?’. A spectacle of both light and sound, the inclusion of a laser harp into his stage shows had a lasting effect on us for sure. (Spoiler alert: In what could be seen as the ultimate tribute, we ended up making one ourselves!)

A huge inspiration to us (and millions of others around the world) Jean-Michel Jarre has been at the forefront of music technology, ever since the release of his now iconic album ‘OXYGENE’ in 1976 - a defining moment for both his career and the history of music as a whole.

Today’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial focuses on the biggest single from OXYGENE, ‘Oxygène (Part IV)’. Used as backing music by countless illusionists, the ‘futuristic’ sci-fi melody is instantly recognisable and floods our minds with nostalgic emotions every time we hear it. 

Click here to download the Ableton project file

Like a breath of fresh air,
Team Imaginando

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