How to make the sounds from Weval 'The Weight' in DRC

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Under the umbrella of ‘electronic music’ there will always be a constant evolution of genre and subgenre classification. Aside from pleasing the more obsessive music enthusiast, the main benefit to categorisation is of course practicality. Unless you fancy listening to every single new vinyl in a record shop, browsing only the sections that interest you is essential for efficiency.

It’s not always a clear-cut case though, while some tracks strongly exhibit a particular genre’s traits, it’s a bit more non-binary for tunes created from a diverse set of genetics. With a rich and varied genepool of influences and styles to start from, Dutch duo Weval make music that refuses to be labelled or pigeonholed.

With a creative process more fluid than focused, free from the constraints of any particular genres, they describe their work as ‘a cumulation of music that inspires’ - a sentiment very much in line with the Imaginando ethos!

Having only met in 2010, the pair released their self titled debut album in 2016, which received positive reviews from all manner of publications, thanks to the wide appeal of its eclectic nature.

Today we’re looking at the title track from their second album, ‘The Weight’ which was released in March 2019. Lucas takes you through the bass, keys, lead and tom-tom sounds, with the Ableton session available for you to check out the automation too.

Click here to download the Ableton project file.

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