How to make the sounds from The Dø - 'Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy' with DRC

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Despair, hangover & ecstasy DRC tutorial

With a name Inspired by the solfège scale, Finish-French indie rock duo ‘The Dø’ (pronounced ‘the dough’) was the pairing of vocalist Olivia Merilahti with multi-instrumentalist Dan Levy.

The two met in 2005 while recording music for the French film ‘Empire of the Wolves’ and for 15 years they made alternative indie rock style music together. Established in France, they became the first French band to reach number 1 in their country with an album written and sung in the English language.

Aside from their film scoring, this versatile partnership also produced music for all kinds of different creative projects, including dance, theater, and poetry productions. They produced three studio albums together: ‘A Mouthful’ (2008), ‘Both Ways Open Jaws’ (2011), and ‘Shake Shook Shaken’ (2014). Throughout which time, they continued to stick to their roots, composing more music for the movie industry, for films such as ‘The Passenger’ (2005), ‘Wild Camp’ (2005), and ‘I Origin’ (2011).

They had a couple of catchy hits like ‘On my Shoulders’ (2007), which was used in an Oxford notepads commercial, and the track that Lucas is focusing on today; ‘Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy’ (2014). A single from their third and final album together ‘Shake Shook Shaken’, which was awarded Rock Album of the Year at the Victoires de la Musique in February 2015.

Sadly in 2020 the duo decided to split and go their separate ways; Dan with the electronic musical project S+C+A+R+R and Olivia working on a solo project under the artist name ‘Prudence’. Do not despair though, because in today’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial Lucas shows you how to recreate the sounds from The Dø - ‘Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy’ with DRC.

You know the deal; open up DRC and let’s get into it!

Click here to download the Ableton project file

Ready, set, Dø!
Team Imaginando

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