How to make the sounds from Monolink 'Return To Oz' (ARTBAT remix) with DRC

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Continuous improvement. It’s a kind of mini-mantra here at Imaginando, and indeed the human race as a whole. Powered by the motivation of a ‘what if?’ mindset, we just can’t help but tinker, tune and change all manner of things, if we think the end result is going to be something special, and it’s going to be because of us. Now we’re not suggesting that this was the motivation behind Ukrainian techno twosome ARTBAT’s 2019 remix of ‘Return To Oz’ by Monolink, but wow, they definitely knew which buttons to press, when they distilled a classic into a vintage, with the fruits of their labour.

At this point we feel the need to insert a little disclaimer that of course we know that not all remixes are straight up attempts at improvement or perfection, and that quality and taste are subjective, but ARTBAT’s take on Return To Oz turns it up to 11 for us. It’s with laser focus and precision that each and every element has been reconsidered and realigned to serve the suburban surroundings of big room techno dance-floors the world over.

Talking of continuous improvement and changing surroundings, this first tutorial of the year is also the first since we rejuvenated the tutorial area of our creative work space here at Imaginando HQ in Portugal. (Check out the bonus time lapse video here if you missed it!)

Click here to download the Ableton project file

Lovers of high quality decks and desks,
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