How to make the sounds from Matador 'Air' with DRC

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It’s no secret that we love the deeper and darker side of today’s melodic techno and house offerings, achieving an almost meditative state from minimal and moody mixes. Sometimes however, we want our minds to be moved on a path of more positive musical emotion; something dare we say ‘euphoric’.

At the risk of showing a red rag to a field of bullish techno purists, taking on the challenge of injecting happiness and chord progressions into the mix while keeping everything cool and under control, is Irish producer and passionate live performance artist ‘Matador’.

The Dublin based DJ delivered all this and more with the release of the 2018 EP ‘Air’, on his own record label RUKUS. From the five featured tracks on offer, it’s the title track ‘Air’ that we are looking at for today’s video.

Characteristic of Matador’s productions, this track layers up complexity in a subtle way giving a full and interesting mix without ever feeling overcrowded or full. The ‘warb’ of the sidechained bass is complemented by a set of shimmering synths which twinkle atmosphere over the high end.

Helping out on the atmosphere front once again is DLYM, our free delay modulator plugin,which can add depth and character to any sound with flanger and chorus effects. Be sure to check out the Ableton session to see all of the different processing chains in action.

Click here to download the Ableton project file.

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