How to make the sounds from Maceo Plex 'Solar Detroit' with DRC

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If you fancy recreating the sounds of Maceo Plex, and you don’t mind travelling to Spain, you can now get hands on with some of the actual hardware that Eric used to create hits such as ‘Solitary daze’ and ‘Solar Detroit’, if you become a member of Bridge 48 Studios that is. The America tech house and techno titan, recently donated a generous amount of his old gear to the Barcelona based studio, the city which he and his family now call home.

We can of course save you all the inconvenience and expense of such a trip, by utilising the power of our very own synthesizer DRC, with a little help from the hottest new tape delay to hit desktop and mobile; K7D!

The track we’re taking on today is ‘Solar Detroit’ - a super spacey/sci-fi sounding record with a sublimely subtle pun in the title. Released ahead of his second studio album, 2017’s ‘Solar’, the track was somewhat of a primer for fans, preparing everyone for the slight shift in terms of style and genre, ready to explore a new direction. The word solar is clearly important to Eric, as well as appearing in several of his works, it's also the name he chose for his son.

We’re exploring the solar system of sound design with a variety of different sounds from ‘Solar Detroit’, featuring the basses, shaker and more, in this week’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial.

Click here to download the Ableton project file

May the force be with you,
Team Imaginando

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