How to make the sounds from LFO - 'LFO' with DRC

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How to make the sounds from LFO - 'LFO' with DRC

Lower the frequencies of the oscillators of your mind, because we’ve got the low-down on all the sound design secrets behind one of their tracks. From teenage dreams to chart success, LFO made their mark by becoming pioneers of the bleepy techno scene.

Formed back in the 80s by Mark Bell and Gez Varley, LFO’s contribution to the world of techno is unquestionable. From their experimental exploration of ‘bleep techno’, to a host of production collaborations, LFO brought excitement and a breath of fresh air to the evolving techno sound.

Bell and Varley met at college in Leeds, England, and aged 19 they launched their first album ‘Frequencies’ (1991). They had previously released a single called ‘LFO’, which is the subject of today’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial.

Although as a duo they only released two other albums and a hand full of singles, their impact extended beyond their minimalist discography. They worked with the record label Warp, a label well-known for hosting the likes of acts such as Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, before going on to stick with Tommy Boy Records.

In 1996, Gez decided to leave to pursue solo work, leaving Bell holding the creative reins of LFO. By 2014, when he died, Bell had taken the name of LFO from movie soundtracks to the musical production of big bands, while continuing to release music as LFO. 

Their eponymously titled track ‘LFO’  is a great example of how Bell produced dance/techno music. This song is more than a huge hit; a milestone that made it’s mark on the UK clubbing scene. From the iconic ‘bleeps’ to the sci-fi pads, ‘LFO’ sold so well that it reached no 12 in the UK charts.  

So let's jump right in and learn six sounds from ‘LFO’ by LFO!

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