How to make the sounds from Imagination 'Just An Illusion' with DRC

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Imagination 'Just An Illusion'

Right about now, the funk soul brother, check it out now, the funk soul brother, it’s time to get our #tbt vibe on, as we throw back to the funk-fest fulled days of the disco dance moves of the 80s. We’re going back to the funk, to the soul, to the disco and to the dance, this time with the trio ‘Imagination’. If you love your 80s music, this familiar jam will be instantly recognizable from first few keys of the opening intro riff.

Imagination was a British group consisting of Lee John (singer/keyboard), Ashley Ingram (guitar/bass), and Errol Kennedy (drums), formed back in early 1981. It’s easy to imagine (pun intended, as always!) how the band's name came from The Beatles’ John Lennon hit of the same name. Together for just over a decade, Imagination scored a few big hits during their time together, with their debut track ‘Body Talk’ peaking at number 4 in the UK singles chart in July 1981, and their most successful track tantalizingly close to the top spot in March 1992 - ‘Just an Illusion’ securing second place.

Popular across Europe and on the dance music and R&B club scene and charts all over the world. ‘Just an Illusion’ was also the end credits track for the 1986’s movie ‘F/X - Murder by Illusion’. (A classic 80s action movie of its time - worth a watch for all you Gen-z or millennials who may have missed this literally magic little movie!)

If you’re too young to recall the original track, you might have heard it sampled by the queen diva of 90s pop, Mariah Carey in her hit ‘Get Your Number’.

Whether you want to get your inner 80s disco freak on, or break out your 90s pop icon princess (or prince, or non-binary royal equivalent), It doesn’t matter which one you’re going for, just that you give it a go. So open your DRC and learn with Lucas once again, with our latest DRC Sound Design Tutorial on how to recreate the sounds from Imagination - ‘Just an Illusion’.

Click here to download the Ableton project file

Imagine-and-do it with DRC,
Team Imaginando

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