How to make the sounds from Der Dritte Raum 'Hale Bopp' in DRC

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If you make electronic dance music, specifically instrumental tracks, how do you come up with each track's title? Do you sit down (or stand!) at your DAW already armed with a name in your head, based on a particular idea or inspiration, the motivation that made you want to create something, before you even start hitting drum pads and racking up synths? Probably not. If you’re anything like us, this workflow might sound familiar:

You’ve created a new project, grabbed a handful of drum samples, experimented and built up a sic drum loop, and now you’ve got something too good to lose to a crash/power cut/cat walking across your keyboard. You hit CTRL+S and suddenly your creative momentum disappears in an instant, as the ‘save as’ pop-up slams into your face, and before you know it ‘untitled project123’ is born.

Chances are if the track makes it anywhere near the release stage, you will probably change its name at some point, but how do you name your newborn creation? Back in 1998, SEO was not a consideration for German techno artist ‘Der Dritte Raum’ when deciding to name a track after the internet’s favourite comet ‘Hale-Bopp’. An epic track which deserves a suitably epic name.

Almost 22 years old, it’s a slice of futuristic, sci-fi style, melodic techno that has aged really well, and very much stands the test of time, comfortably still slotting into sets today.

Lucas is back at the desk of discovery to show you the secrets behind the sounds of ‘Hale ‘Bopp, giving you the knowledge to create them for yourself and see where it takes you.

Click here to download the Ableton project file

Bopp in the name of love,
Team Imaginando

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