How to make the sounds from Bebetta 'Uppercut' in DRC

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If given the impossible task of describing Anika Schnabel aka German DJ Bebetta in just one word, we’d probably go with ‘charming’. With neon pink hair and a penchant for pyjamas, wherever Anika plays, she radiates positive vibes and above all else fun. From big stage festivals and inner city clubs to the most intimate venue imaginable (her bed!), behind the decks is a playful character, someone who is living life and loving it, with an infectious smile and a contagious feel-good, joyous energy.

Even the name Bebetta itself is an upfront proclamation of being positive and personal improvement. A play on the phrase ‘be better,’ it hints at the level of motivation and determination hidden behind the comfortable and confident stage presence Bebetta has developed during her journey as a DJ and producer. Story and narrative are both important parts of Bebetta’s creative process, which has resulted in some fantastic music videos, that show Anika’s attention to detail and keen eye for the visual side of her art. Having designed event flyers for her DJ friends long before making the move to the other side of the decks, now a producer herself, being able to do her own artwork is creative bliss.

One of our favourite music videos is for her 2016 release ‘Uppercut’, featuring some gorgeous pixel art animation that sucker-punches us with a sweet hit of 16 bit gaming nostalgia right from the start. (There are some clever little touches and references in there, especially if you are a PC gamer of a certain age!)

In today’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial, the gloves are off as Lucas shows you how to pull off an impressive combo yourself, with the secrets behind the sounds of Bebetta ‘Uppercut’.

Click here to download the Ableton project file

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