How to make the sounds from Azari & III 'Hungry for the power' (Jamie Jones Remix)

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What can we say about Azari & III, that we haven’t already covered when we looked at their track ‘Manic’ back in March of this year? During the band’s relatively short existence, there weren’t many events that could be considered milestone achievements in terms of popularity and success. Today we look at possibly their most defining moment, their 2009 release ‘Hungry for the power’, the track that saw them breakthrough into the mainstream and onto the dance floors of house music clubs the world over.

Described by some as a modern day anthem for the sexually liberated, in terms of attracting attention and getting noticed, hungry for the power definitely knocked it out of the park. Not for the faint hearted, the track’s music video is provocative to say the least, so much so that it attracted a little too much attention from YouTube moderators who swifty took it down with a ban. It later reappeared of course, after the necessary censorship edits were applied to appease the YouTube gods.

In today’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial, Lucas dives deep into ‘Hungry for the power’ creating a whopping 5 sounds from the track; guitar, background, pad, bass and lead. So sit tight for 16 minutes of sound design!

Click here to download the Ableton project file

Hungry for the power of DRC,
Team Imaginando

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