How to make the bass sound from Moloko - 'Fun For Me' in DRC

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The English duo Moloko are probably best known for their biggest hit ‘Sing it back’ with a little help from the remix skills of German DJ Boris Dlugosch, when his funky reworking of the 1998 track received the attention of house DJs worldwide. Before this, the Sheffield based pair had managed to gain international exposure, particularly in the US, from their song ‘Fun for me’ being featured on the soundtrack to the 1997 film ‘Batman & Robin’.

Today we’re looking at the bass sound from ‘Fun for Me’ and showing just how quickly and easily it can be created with DRC. With this super-fast tutorial we wanted to also introduce the idea that not all sounds need to be complex to sound great. As Lucas mentions in the video, in terms of balance and harmonics, simple can sit really nicely in the mix and still be effective too.

DRC can of course create complex, deep, rich soundscapes too - the secret is knowing when and where to apply its powers; practicing subtlety and restraint during the sound design process can avoid the potential for problems at mixdown.

Click here to download the Ableton project file

Making sound design fun for you,
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