How to make the bass sound for Jamiroquai 'Carla' in DRC

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Music, at its core, is pure emotion. Whilst modern music theory can offer an understanding of how certain feelings are invoked, music has been a powerful and important form of expression, centuries before Pythagorus even suggested the science of scales. As a creative outlet, writing a song or piece of music can provide a medium in which to document one’s thoughts, providing cathartic and therapeutic relief to an emotionally overwhelmed brain.

This week’s track is one such outpouring of love, from Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay to his daughter, with the eponymous track ‘Carla’ from the band’s 2017 album ‘Automation’. The final track on the album sees Kay candidly open up about the massive positive effects experienced from fatherhood.

This is still a Jamiroquai track though, proving that heartfelt love-songs aren’t necessarily restricted to just ballads; there’s more than enough room for a classic Jamiroquai funky bass line too.

As mentioned in the video, this track was a suggestion from the community, thank you to everyone who has got in touch with ideas for future episodes - feel free to keep them coming! This is also a testament to the benefits of sharing and discovering new music; it’s a great feeling when you see someone enjoy an album as much as you do. As a team we’ve also had a fair few ‘I can’t believe you’ve never heard of this album!’ moments.

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