How to make the bass and lead sounds from 'Nova' by Tale Of Us with DRC

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Have we mentioned before how much we love techno? Having featured several of our own favourite artists from the genre, this week’s tutorial track is actually another viewer suggestion, one we were happy to oblige and indulge our ears in the process. The track in question is ‘Nova’ by Tale Of Us, the DJ and producer partnership of Carmine ‘Karm’ Conte & Matteo Milleri.

Since their debut release ‘Dark Song’ back in 2011, Tale Of Us have not only been releasing a steady stream of underground hits, but also creating and building their now huge ‘Afterlife’ brand, with Ibiza residencies and of course the Afterlife Recordings label.

Residing in the techno rich club scene of Berlin, the duo describe their sound as being filled with ‘emotion and drama’, saying ‘We don't make Berlin techno and we never will, because we're Italian.’

Recently, the pair were immortalised in videogame form, appearing in the massively successful Grand Theft Auto Online, as part of the nightclub based expansion ‘After hours’. Inside a selection of virtual nightclubs, players can enjoy a full DJ set featuring brand new remixes and productions, created especially for the game.

If you are an Ableton user, you won’t want to miss this week’s free project file too - it has all of the automation and track routings for you to check out and explore.

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