How to make the arpeggio and bass from Âme 'Rej' in DRC

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If you see the word ‘Innervisions’ on a record sleeve, you can be pretty confident that the vinyl inside is going to contain either some high-quality house, some top-notch techno, or something in between.

Innervisions was founded in 2005 by Steffen Berkhahn, aka ‘Dixon’, and Kristian Rädle and Frank Wiedemann, aka ‘Âme’ - today’s featured artist. The pair first met at the record shop Kristian had opened with a friend in their hometown of Karlsruhe, a place they have been happily rooted to ever since. Resisting the temptation of the bright lights and nightlife of Berlin, the spiritual home of me will forever be Karlsruhe.

Today’s track ‘Rej’ is widely regarded as Âme’s big breakthrough hit. Pleasing both house lovers and techno fans alike, it was always destined to receive huge exposure, which it rightfully did in 2006 with continued momentum from its subsequent remix releases.

The combination of the track’s anthemic status and its genre-fluid versatility makes it an excellent failsafe emergency floor filler to have on standby, guaranteed to elevate the mood of any crowd, instantly.

Today we’re uncovering the sound design secrets of its arpeggio and bass sounds as we show you how to recreate them yourself with DRC.

Click here to download the Ableton project file

We barely even mentioned Berlin this week,
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