How to make Stephan Bodzin Singularity basses in DRC

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Can you remember the toys and games that you used to play with when you were 4 years old? Maybe you can recall driving your parents crazy with the first Casio keyboard that Santa brought you? Even if you can remember, the answer is probably not going to be classic Moog analog synthesizers. For Stephan Bodzin however, this was reality.

Thanks to his father being an experimental musician, Stephan grew up on a sonic diet of some of the tastiest analog hardware ever, and instantly fell in love with the warmth and personality of the Moog.

“It’s totally different from any other synth, it's just more alive, it’s more powerful, it’s breathing, it has soul.”

This is also a rather good description of Bodzin’s music in general, a definition of his style and how it distinguishes him from others inside the techno genre. All of Bodzin’s tracks have a palpable sense of emotion, you can feel the masterfully crafted synths are a labour of love, bursting with character.

We’re obviously not comparing DRC to a Moog (well, maybe just a little bit!) but that warm, sensuous richness that you only get from analog gear is the inspiration and driving force behind the birth and development of DRC today.

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