How to make sounds from Moloko 'Forever More' with DRC

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How to make some sounds from Moloko 'Forever More' with DRC polyphonic synthesizer from Imaginando.

Sheffield, England, has produced a fair amount of electronic-pop partnerships and acts over the years, from the synth-pop and new wave of 80’s groups like The Human League and Heaven 17, to the early 2000’s funky, disco-house flavoured offerings of today’s featured artist Moloko.

Founded in 1994 and disbanded ten years later, Moloko was a partnership in more ways than one; band members Róisín Murphy and producer Mark Brydon spending the majority of that time in a romantic relationship with each other.

Today’s featured track is ‘Forever More’ - the penultimate single the band released from their last studio album, 2003’s ‘Statues’, before calling it a day after the release of their final single ‘Cannot Contain This’.

‘Forever More’ progressively builds up more and more disco parts and elements, and by the end is actually quite a busy mix, having seemingly recruited and accumulated an entire orchestra along the way. We’re focusing on the track’s electronically produced foundations, with two bass sounds and a string-inspired pad that are most prominent during the track’s opening.

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