How to make some sounds from Trentemøller 'Moan' with DRC

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How to make some sounds from Trentemøller 'Moan' with DRC Synthesizer from Imaginando

Two years ago we kicked off the second season of our DRC Sound Design Tutorial series with one of Denmark’s finest exports, not the premium lager Carlsberg, but Copenhagen’s beloved indie/dance crossover, DJ and producer Trentemøller. This week we’re taking on another Trentemøller track, one that we spotted in the YouTube comments as a suggestion (thanks Jonathan!) 2007’s ‘Moan’.

It’s one of our tutorials that features a small disclaimer up front about not being able to accurately recreate all the sounds using only DRC, but it didn't stop Lucas having a go to see what could be done.

We’re making use of a new YouTube feature on this video to bookmark the different sections of the video with timecodes, which now appear in the play position bar on the video, all with titles, so you can easily navigate between them without needing to scroll down to the description for the links. This means that if you want to hear what you’ll be creating before you get started, you can have a quick listen by clicking the ‘music’ bookmark first, then easily jump back to the start of the first sound part of the video.

We hope this enhances your tutorial experience, let us know in the comments!

Click here to download the Ableton project file

Music to make you moan,
Team Imaginando

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