How to make some sounds from Dua Lipa's 'Physical'

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Tutorial making Dua Lipa's 'Physical' music with Ableton Live and DRC polyphonic synthesizer from Imaginando.

Before this whole global pandemic thing kicked off, right at the end of January 2020 before we’d even heard of the concept of social distancing, Dua Lipa dropped a catchy synth-pop toe-tapper which was all about getting “Physical”. Sharing the same name as Olivia-Newton John’s 1981 track, the world of 80’s aerobics workouts provide some of the inspiration behind the track and also the styling behind both the audio production and music videos.

Yes, that’s music videos plural, as Physical has two official music videos; an original (very high concept) video released at the same time as the single, and then in March 2020, well and truly leaning in to the fitness/workout theme, saw the release of the ‘Let's Get Physical Work Out Video’. The latter as the name suggests loosely resembles an aerobics class, albeit an extremely tightly choreographed class, the diverse participants of which are all incredibly fit and never miss a beat. And if you find yourself inspired to get up and give it a go, you can even swag yourself an outfit just like in the video, thanks to the links to the official merch which accompany the video!

This week Lucas limbers up and stretches his sound design muscles, putting DRC through its paces, creating the track’s lead, strings and basses.

Click here to download the Ableton project file.

Witness the fitness,
Team Imaginando

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