How to make Recondite 'Warg' bass and lead in DRC

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‘Time flies when you’re having fun’ - almost a year in fact, as we rapidly approach what feels like a milestone number of videos posted to our YouTube DRC tutorial playlist - 50!

Having featured some classic synth sounds going back several decades, today’s track is easily one of the ‘youngest’, as it was released just under 2 years ago, in march of 2016.

We’re not quite sure how Germany manages to inspire so many great techno producers, but we’re certainly not complaining, and we have another master of melodic moodiness for you again this week: ‘Recondite’ with his track ‘Warg’.

It’s another of our ‘double patch’ tutorials too, so you’ll learn how to create both the bass sound and the lead synth as well.

Recondite is Berlin based producer Lorenz Brunner, an Ableton advocate, fan of Live’s ‘colourless’ built in effects and a self confessed lover of ‘Operator’, proclaiming ‘It’s the only synth I need.’

Whilst we think every studio has a place for DRC, this idea really resonates with us; pushing instruments/creative tools to their limits and exploring all the possibilities.

Something that we’ve endeavored to demonstrate across the course of the last 47 videos, is the power of truly mastering a versatile synth like DRC, and reaping the sonical rewards that such knowledge brings.

We certainly have fun making them and we love reading the feedback in the comments, so thank you to everyone who has got in touch, liked and subscribed!

The ‘tech’ behind the techno,
Team Imaginando

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