How to make Muse 'Madness' bass sound in DRC

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When thinking about the British rock band Muse, it’s fair to say that analog synthesizers will probably not be one of your first thoughts. Investigate the progression of their style and sound a little however, and the influence and inclusion of synths and effects takes centre stage for some tracks.

Whilst Muse’s latest studio album ‘Drones’ saw a return to the bands classic guitar fueled rock roots, the previous release ‘The 2nd Law’, had a distinctively electronic focus, with frontman Matt Bellamy even citing French house act Justice as one inspiration.

The 2nd track on the album, ‘Madness’ (which fittingly was also the 2nd to be released as a single) Bellamy stated to be his proudest piece of songwriting of the 13 included tracks.

There are all sorts of influences and elements which can be attributed to the stripped back styling of Madness; a kind of mash-up of 12-bar blues, George Michael’s ‘Faith’ and Queen’s ‘I want to break free’. Possibly add a dash of Depeche Mode in there too, for good measure.

If you feel in inspired to rock out with DRC in any of your band projects, then be sure to let us know about it so we can check it out!

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