How to make Members of Mayday - 'Sonic Empire' with DRC

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How to make Members of Mayday - 'Sonic Empire' with DRC

When it comes to iconic dance festivals held in Germany, arguably there are only two contenders when it comes to which is the most prolific, and sadly only one of them continues to host events to this day. The legendary big Berlin techno and house music festival called ‘Love Parade’ was originally held in 1989, and as the name suggests, it was part festival and part parade, with the idea to spread a message of love and peace, through the medium of dance music.

While the Love Parade may claim the crown for the best outdoor experience, (which saw around 800,000 people take to the streets of Berlin) for techno-heads seeking an arena rave alternative, the unquestionable choice was ‘Mayday’. Founded in 1991 by German DJs and producers Westbam and Klaus Jankuhn, this large indoor rave gets its name from the duo’s artist name ‘Members of Mayday’.

Like some of today’s EDM festivals that feature an ‘official anthem’ created especially for the occasion, Mayday was one of the first raves to commission a unique track for each event, in the form of the ‘Mayday Hymn’. An integral part of the event’s history, the ‘Mayday Hymn’ was composed by Members of Mayday themselves, for every event up until 2013, which was the last theme produced by the duo, due to Westbam’s departure in February 2014.

For today’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial we’re looking at 1997’s Mayday Hymn, as Lucas takes on the techno track ‘Sonic Empire’ by ‘Members of Mayday’.

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