How to make Disclosure 'Latch' blip and pad sounds in DRC

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For the finale of DRC sound design tutorials series one, we decided to choose a track which has been suggested and requested to us several times. (Special shout out to ‘Jupiter Co’ on YouTube, who was very keen for us to release this video!) The track is ‘Latch’ by the English house/garage duo ‘Disclosure’ - with a little help from the unmistakable vocals of Sam Smith.

It is quite a unique record in a number of ways, not just the overall sound and feel but also in a technical way too, written as it is in 6/8 time. This actually led brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence to describe it as ‘too weird for the radio and not clubby enough for the clubs’. The time signature isn’t too pronounced that it is overly noticeable however, and Smith’s silky smooth voice is more than enough of a distraction for the ear.

Originally released as a digital download in October 2012, It’s fair to categorise the song as a ‘climber’ or ‘grower’ both in the UK and US, as it’s popularity and success were steady, with the track managing to achieve platinum sales in the UK without ever entering the top 10 of the singles chart.

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