How To Make Choice 'Acid Eiffel' with DRC

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How To Make Choice 'Acid Eiffel' with DRC

If we asked you to pick one single track that encapsulated the spirit and sound of classic ‘acid house’, what would you choose? Maybe the record credited with the accolade of naming the genre, ‘Acid Trax’ by Phuture, or perhaps the first artist that springs to mind is ‘808 State’, and the iconic sax solo from their hit ‘Pacific State’. In such a potentially endless debate, today we put forward the case for a tune sometimes described as the ‘quintessential’ acid house record; ‘Acid Eiffel’ by Choice.

As printed on the vinyl’s sticker under the artist name, Choice “from Paris” is a French collaboration collective consisting of Laurent Garnier, Shazz, and Ludovic Navarre. Formed in 1993, producing together in the Saint-Germain-en-Laye studio where Ludovic was working as a sound engineer, ‘Acid Eiffel’ is the result of one fateful ten hour session.

Making the most of a pretty basic and limited setup, the track was created using a Roland TB-303, a Roland JD-800, a tiny mixer and not much else, but the trio were sure they had a hit on their hands. It wasn’t long before they had definitive proof though, when the track made its public debut at Rex Club in Paris. Laurent Garnier played the entire track from start to finish, all 13 minutes, then after a few seconds of silence, the crowd erupted into cheers and applause, prompting ‘FNAC Records’ boss Eric Morand to dash to the DJ booth, to sign it for the label immediately.

It’s one of Lucas’ all time favourite tracks, and for this week’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial, he recreates the pads and acid sounds from this classic acid house tune.

Click here to download the Ableton project file.

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