F1 Sound design tutorial with FRMS and a jacket

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F1 Sound design tutorial with FRMS and a jacket

This week our resident sound design master Lucas brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘racing jacket’ in honour of F1 motor racing returning to Portugal, after a 24 year hiatus!

To celebrate the recent Portugal GP hosted at Autodromo Internacional do Algarve, Lucas was inspired to create some F1 car style sounds using simply FRMS and his Autumnal jacket.

Utilising a 2-stop strategy, Lucas samples his jacket twice; firstly by running/scratching his fingers up and down the slick surface of the jacket, and then wraps things up by sampling the zip mechanism, zipping up the jacket.

Almost as quick as a Red Bull pitstop tyre change, as soon as the zip sample is imported the patch starts to develop the recognisable characteristics of the iconic vroom-vroom sounds that F1 engines emit during a race. Lucas keeps things moving by introducing randomisation of the stereo spread and pitch, to make for an interesting and more complex patch.

The introduction of the scratching sample, contrasts the low motor noise with a light and airy, whisper/whooshing kind of sound. Transposing this down by an octave (-12 semitones) gives us more rumble in the sound, while still keeping the feeling of air in the patch.

Finally, the addition of some oscillators and some FM modulation helps fill out the sound tonally.

Check out the video, follow along and hopefully you’ll be in pole position to create some awesome sound design of your very own.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!
Team Imaginando

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