'BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker' new app revealed

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Hi everyone,

We have something exciting to announce today, as we reveal a brand new Imaginando product currently in development:

‘BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker’

Our most (b)ambitious project to date, ‘BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker’ will be a creative new electronic music production app for both desktop and mobile devices, designed for the forward-thinking producers of the future.

Want to make beats? We got you. Want to make music loops? We got you. Want to make and mix full music tracks, plus remix and perform them live with just one application? BAM! We got you! Sound good? Then Click here to sign up to the exclusive BAM mailing list and keep up to date with all the latest exciting news and updates.

'BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker' is set to take scene-based workflow to the next level. With a range of built-in synths, effects, and samples, BAM helps bring your musical ideas to life, fast.

Currently in development, we’re working hard to perfect BAM’s intuitive user interface, and fine tune the engine. The full feature set/functionality available at launch has not yet been finalised, and is subject to change, but you can check out the new BAM product preview page right now and then tag us on social media to let us know what you think!

Also, make sure to sign up for the exclusive pre-launch mailing list, to be the first to hear all the latest news.

Like what you see? For all you eager beavers and Imaginando super-fans out there, we’ve got a BAM-tastic early-bird discount incentive - pre-order for desktop now and save a BAM-azing 70%!

Join the BAM-camp today,
Team Imaginando

'BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker' has not yet been published/released, and is currently in development. All present information and associated image/video media is representative of the final product, but is subject to change.

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