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Last week the total number of DRC Sound Design Tutorials hit the big 100, so today we’re celebrating some of the seriously iconic synth sounds from the series so far. The formula is simple; each week we take apart a different track, uncover the DNA behind each sound, then show you how to recreate them with DRC, step by step.

With the number of videos now in triple figures, it got us thinking; which one is the best? So without further ado, it's time to find out the videos with the most views, in the first ever Imaginando top 10 chart run down! (*cue the cheesy music and radio DJ voice*)

#10 Just managing to squeeze in at number 10, is Mac DeMarco 'Chamber Of Reflection' featuring the pad and lead sounds from this 2014 release. Right at the start of the video Lucas talks a bit about reproducing the track's tape saturation sound, this was long before we released K7D Tape Delay of course, which is perfect for this kind of thing.

#9 At number 9 is Stephan Bodzin - 'Singularity', coincidentally not his only appearance in this top 10 list. It's a super-slidey selection and dissection of the bass sounds, bending and gliding between the notes of the melodic techno masterpiece with plenty of portamento.

#8 An internet anthem in 8th place - with it's brass synth riff permanently engraved into our souls, it would take a lot to keep Toto's 'Africa' away from us. If your brain is not currently performing a private DJ set consisting solely of this song's chorus on loop right now, then congratulations, you are officially a young person!

#7 There's a seismic shift in tone at number 7, as we take a trip down Portishead's dark and atmospheric 'Roads', and demonstrate DRC's versatility by recreating the moody tones of the Rhodes piano for a fantastic sound full of warmth.

#6 Techno royalty at number 6, in the form of Tale Of Us and their track 'Nova'. No surprise to see this in the top 10, as it was a frequently requested choice by the community. As we also love the tune, this one was 'no brainer' for us - we had to do it.

#5 At the halfway point now and making it into the top half of the table at number 5 is Boards of Canada 'Everything you do is a balloon'. A strange track with a strange title, it floats around like a kind of dream sequence, don't worry though, there's a bonafide banger up next to bring us back down to earth.

#4 It's 4 to the floor time and Bodzin is back! Adding his magical touch to 'Sleepless' by Pan Pot this time, Stephan gives us a really, really good remix, one of our all time faves in fact. This was also another heavily requested track, and too good not to miss!

#3 Top 3 time and talking of favourites, here's another all time great in our book, we've covered more of their tracks than anyone else, it's the fantastic Moderat and their massively popular tune ‘A New Error’.. A track so good, excuse us for a moment while we crank it up on the Imaginando HQ sound system, we'll see you back here for the top 2…

#2 Just missing out on the top spot is two absolute legends of electronic music, the coolest pair of robots in the world; Daft Punk with ‘Da Funk’. It's the track that kicked off the Iconic Sounds series and DRC truly does it justice with a fantastically faithful recreation of its screeching synth, guaranteed to please any die hard Daft Punk fan.

#1 Now prepare yourself for a shocking plot twist as we announce the winner: The most watched DRC Sound Design Tutorial is the organ soaked, indie chin-stroker ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ by Radiohead! it's a popular song with a unique style that appeals to a wide range of musical tastes. It's also something a bit different in terms of the typical types of sounds that get covered on YouTube, and not just another epic Skrillex wobble bass masterclass vying for your clicks.

But do you think each track is in its right place?! Check out the entire playlist on YouTube and let us know your favourites plus any future favourites you'd like us to feature. As well as YouTube comments, feel free to get in touch via any of our socials: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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