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Powerful and friendly

Carefully designed to provide you quick and creative musical playing capabilities.

LK Midi Pads module overview
  • Two working modes: MIDI and Live
  • Radial Velocity Control
  • Arpeggiator with tempo sync
  • Integrated chorder
  • Easy page selection
  • Configurable MIDI output and channel on MIDI mode
  • Virtual Midi Output to allow playing other apps
  • Wired and wireless MIDI support

One app, two modes

Play other apps, external gear or Ableton, you choose.

LK Midi Pads module status bar in Midi mode
LK Midi Pads module status bar in Live mode

Never miss a pad again

Automatic mapping to every drum pad on drum rack devices.

LK Midi Pads module in Live mode

Integrated chorder and arpeggiator

Use the chorder and the arpeggiator to create beautiful melodies on the fly.

LK Midi Pads module settings panel