Ableton Live Controller

Matrix module provides you remote access to all the most important features of your Ableton Live session view.

LK Matrix module overview
  • Complete session mirror with color and label matching.
  • Clip launching and advanced editing.
  • USB and/or Wireless connection.
  • Device browsing and tweaking.
  • Transport: play, stop, record, and scrub functions.
  • Loop, overdub, undo, redo.
  • Add, remove and duplicate tracks and scene rows.
  • Control session tempo and metronome.
  • Control clip trigger and record quantization.
  • Manage fold state of group tracks.

The mixer on your hands

Control all aspects of your session mixer.

LK Matrix module mixer
  • Track labels.
  • Full and minimal view modes.
  • Control the track's volume, pan, arm, solo, mute.
  • Manage track's sends.
  • Control return tracks solo and mute.
  • Crossfader track assign.
  • Unique tempo pitch control feature.
  • Master track cue level.

Impressive amount of control

It's easy to dive deep into all the devices within a track.

LK Matrix module devices view

Compose directly on your device

An incredibly intuitive composer allows you to focus on what's important: your music.

LK Matrix module clip composer