LK - Ableton & Midi Controller

Complete control of Ableton Live and MIDI devices, with a single, beautiful app.

Ableton Live Mobile Midi Controller and Midi sequencer
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"The MIDI PADS module alone I find worth the cost of entry, even if you’re already using another iPad tool for Ableton control. With chord mode, friendly controls, and a built in arpeggiator with sync, plus lots of space for your fingers on the layout itself, it’s darned-near perfect."

Flexible Modular Design

Maximum functionality inside an intuitive, minimal UI, where users can choose the perfect combination of modules for their workflow, with no commitment to unlock any of the content.

  • Matrix
  • MIDI Pads
  • MIDI Controller
  • XY Pad
  • Chorder
  • Keyboard


Full integration of Ableton Live 'Session View'
Matrix Icon
MATRIX module
  • Launch scenes and clips, clearly labelled by name.
  • Mix the volume, pan and sends for every track, all labelled
  • Transport controls: Loop, Overdub, Record, Arm, Solo and more
  • Control the parameters of Live Devices like EQ and Compressor
  • Edit MIDI clips with the built-in piano roll editor


Trigger creativity, not just drums
MIDI-Pads Icon
MIDI PADS module
  • LIVE mode: Tight integration with Ableton - each pad name clearly labelled
  • MIDI mode: send MIDI notes to any device with MIDI input
  • Radial velocity control allows for expressive performances
  • Includes built-in arpeggiator and chord functionality too!

MIDI Controller

Control parameters with a tap or a touch.
MIDI-Controller Icon
  • 4 control banks with 8 rotary knobs, faders, toggles and pads on each
  • All 128 controls can be assigned in both MIDI and LIVE modes
  • Easy switching of MIDI output device and channel
  • Control labels can be edited, to help you stay organised"

XY Pad

Another dimension of control
XY-Pad Icon
XY PAD module
  • 4 banks of pads with X,Y and Z axis controls
  • Both LIVE and MIDI modes
  • LFO modulation
  • Attack, Sustain and Release envelope generator
  • Tempo sync with Ableton Live"


Take the complexity out of chords
Chorder Icon
CHORDER module
  • Play any chord with a single touch
  • Massive library of chord presets
  • Customisable layouts
  • Create your own chord structure and save as a preset
  • The arpeggiator and vertical ‘strumming’ functions are great for song writing inspiration


A set of keys you won't forget
Keyboard Icon
Keyboard feature
  • The ultimate portable virtual MIDI keyboard
  • Perfect for those moments of spontaneous inspiration
  • Customisable and resizable with variable scale and root note
  • Triple axis modulation and arpeggiator

Complete control, complete creativity

With so much functionality on offer, LK can enhance the workflow of every producer

Imaginando user review from Google Play

"Best ableton controller for android, very low lag, has everything you need to control ableton by Android. Very complete."

João Ferreira
Imaginando user review from Google Play

"Love everything you can do with this."

Jonathan Pass
Imaginando user review from Apple Store

"The best midi clip editor for all of the iOS controller apps"




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6 independent modules
Free download
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