VS - Visual Synthesizer - our post launch reflection

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VS - Visual Synthesizer - our post launch reflection

As part of our mission statement of combining music and technology for inspiring creative experiences, last week we launched VS - Visual Synthesizer. Having incorporated light and sound together in our hardware art projects like Harpa Laser and Digital Music Box, VS is the first time we have combined audio and visuals in a software product form. 

We’re passionate about the music production scene, and making audio and MIDI reactive visuals accessible to the wealth of enthusiastic artists that make up this talented community was key. Delivering a quality product that filled a gap in the market and met the needs of our users was an important goal, and one that we take great pleasure in saying that we achieved!

Just over a week after launch, we’re thrilled to reflect on the response to VS so far.

Some of our favourite comments from the App Store:

“This app is flat out amazing! I’m floored! I always wanted something to easily produce video that reacts to audio being fed into it. But VS goes even further by reacting to midi input as well. Thank you so much Imaginando!”
Stefolive, Spain

“Excellent app! Making visuals sync to individual instruments in your song using MIDI triggers is simply awesome.”
3ranislav, North Macedonia

“Thanks for being daring and for pushing out something out of the ordinary to the iOS music world.”
JumperCollins, United Kingdom

It’s nice to read positive responses from the media too of course, and we were happy to enthuse and excite CDM blogs, and Synth Anatomy especially.

More than all of that however, we LOVE seeing all the fantastic things you guys make and create with our products, and so here’s a quick community round up of VS in the wild!

First up we have a pair of percussionists, and it’s a case of fingers VS hands in these two videos, with NularMusic on Launchpad and Adam Morgan on drum kit - both rocking a MIDI rhythm into VS!

special shout out to our favourite YouTube ‘deep-divers’ for their exploration and explanation videos about VS; Gavin from Gavinsky Tutorials and Doug from The Sound Test Room. Not forgetting another awesome user of our apps, ‘The Ambient iPad’ Jonathan Block, too!

Future development
Thanks to everyone who has got in touch with questions, suggestions and feature requests to help shape the future of VS. We’re excited for you to join us on this journey, and here’s a few things that we are currently working on:

  • Support for HDMI out on iOS
  • Render/export video to file functionality
  • Syphon and Spout support (Mac OS and Windows only)

Final thoughts
Thank you to everyone who has tried, bought, liked, shared, reviewed or anything else VS related! Don’t forget the special launch price promotion is still available, but only until 12th July.

From Portugal with passion,
Team Imaginando

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