2 Years of DRC - A retrospective

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It was in march of 2016 that we first released DRC to the world, simultaneously publishing to PC, Mac, iOS and Android, all using the exact same engine code. Written down like that, it sounds a little ambitious (or even a bit crazy!) but one of the project’s core goals which continues to be a unique selling point of DRC to this day, was the idea of true cross-platform synthesis.

Working across multiple platforms, the frustration of software being restricted to certain operating systems is something we’ve experienced a lot, so when creating DRC, we wanted it to be available to everyone, on every device. The natural extension of this to us was obvious; leveraging the power and convenience of the emerging cloud computing technology, to connect DRC across all these devices.

As with all our products, the launch of DRC was just the beginning, continuous improvement and development is second nature to us. A philosophy of experimentation and a ‘what if..?’ approach, combined with our keen desire and passion for community engagement, has led us to squeeze in a massive amount of updates in just 2 years. This includes improvements to the interface and functionality as a result of user feedback too, fine tuning a whole range of details.

Alongside technical optimisations and new features such as ‘legato mode’ and Audiobus 3 support, we released the ‘Sounds From Outer Space’ soundbank, and today in honour of DRC’s 2nd birthday, we’re releasing another pack: ‘Iconic Sounds Vol. 1’.

This collection is also a celebration of a whole year of DRC Tutorials containing all of the sounds that have been recreated and explained over the course of the series.

A big thank you to our fantastic community and everyone who has supported DRC in any way, it's been an amazing couple of years. From video game soundtracks, to Twitch live streams and YouTube videos, we’ve seen some great examples of DRC in the wild - you guys rock!

From Portugal with passion,
Team Imaginando

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