How to make Timo Mass 'Dancing For My Pleasure' in DRC

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How to do Timo Maas - 'Dancing for my pleasure' with DRC

For some underground club DJs and producers, achieving the level of attention required for the journey into the consciousness of mainstream music, can often be attributed to a single defining moment; in most cases a particular track. If something that you produce is a hit, or in the age of digital, ‘goes viral’, then the resulting publicity is hopefully exposure of you as an artist, rather than just the track. If your name starts to appear in music single charts around the world then you are at least going to get noticed.

A similar path to stardom could be delivering a killer remix of someone else’s track, with a rework so hot that your mix blows up and eclipses the popularity of the original, firmly planting your flag and putting you on the map as a producer. Today’s featured artist, Timo Maas, did precisely that.

Back in 1999, German DJ ‘Azzido Da Bass’ released ‘Dooms Night’, an original sort of hard trance style track, which did not receive that much attention on it’s initial release. That was until ‘Dooms Night (Timo Maas Remix)’ was released in 2000, featuring that instantly recognisable ‘womf’ sound, a record that was quickly adopted by the massive UK Garage scene at the time, and one that would propel both original artist and remixer into the limelight, scoring a top ten hit.

In this week’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial, Lucas takes a look at one of Timo Maas’ own tracks, ‘Dancing For My Pleasure’, deconstructing two key sounds from this 2013 release.

Click here to download the Ableton project file.

With Maas effect,
Team Imaginando

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