How to make the sounds from Dusty Kid 'Kore' in DRC

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Classical music and electronic dance music were once worlds apart, the two genres attracting polar opposite audience demographics. In terms of culture and society, the enjoyment and understanding of classical music and a desire to learn to play it at a high standard, has largely been the pursuit of the wealthy and upper class. Besides the prohibitive tuition cost, the youth of today’s attention is in such high demand, as technology finds more and more ways to fight and monetise it, it’s a battle that will more likely be won by Marshmallow, instead of Mozart.

The perspective from the other side is that electronic dance music is primitive and repetitive, produced specifically to appeal to intoxicated brains only, and that it can’t be enjoyed without mood altering substances. (Some evidence does actually support this theory, like Basshunter for example)

But what happens when you fuse classical music proficiency with the latest in music technology? Apart from the obvious answer Imaginando, there’s also a rare breed of special producers that can perform audio alchemy in the studio by mixing the two skill sets.

Paolo Alberto Lodde, aka 'Dusty Kid' is one such artist, his aptitude for the arts apparent from an early age, having started learning to play the piano aged just 4 years old. Today we take on the sounds from his 2007 track ‘Kore’ with DRC.

Click here to download the Ableton Project file

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